Chowilawu "Wil" Tashi'ne was a therapeutic musician among the ChanceFolk who was featured in UnStrung. He was engaged to Una Jacali, an apprentice guitar maker.



Meeting Lev

He toured Lev around their tribe's rez (reservation) after he ended up there while looking for a safe place to stay in. Playing beatiful music with his guitar, he was constantly asked by everyone around him to play for them. No one applauds him since they say the true musician is the instrument, and accepting applause would be vanity, although this makes him slightly scornful. At one point, he realizes that he wants appreciation and decides that, someday, he will leave the rez and play outside as a musician.

His grandfather, Tocho, was dying because of a heart condition; since his spirit-guide was a lion, his heart must also be replaced by it. Long before they even found a mountain lion, he has accepted his fate and had wanted Wil to play for him to soothe him to death. When they retrieved a lion heart, he asked them to give the heart to a dying, young girl instead. He unwillingly plays for his grandfather before his death.

Tocho's dying wish was to have Wil accompany Lev on his communal quest to find his spirit-guide. On their fourth day, however, a group of parts pirates found their way into the rez and were hunting for underage ChanceFolk. After a while of convincing, Wil volunteered himself in exchange for the safety of the others. Before leaving, Wil got his first and last applause.


Upon being unwound in a private hospital, with the woman Roberta present to witness the surgery, Wil's hands, and presumably the parts of his central nervous system that controlled his hands, were rewound into Camus Comprix, who then received and became renowned for his musical talent.

When Cam tried to sign his name without looking, he found that he signed Wil's name instead, as it was the parts of Wil in him that subconsciously accomplished this.

When Cam first saw Lev, bits of Wil's memory of the Arapache Rez came to him, allowing him to go to the Rez. Once there, he was drawn to to Una's shop and began playing one of his guitars. Because of this, Una was both horrified and haunted. Both realized that most of Wil's hand mannerisms were kept by Cam, including the things he used to do to Una, such as pulling the ribbon from her hair. Cam is also able to recall some of Wil's memories, particularly those that involved using his hands.

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