Biographical Information
Status: Deceased
Cause of Death: Suffocation
Gender: Male
Significant Other/s:


Character Information
Appears in:


Vincent was an AWOL Unwind.


After being rescued after going AWOL, Vincent was sent and kept at a warehouse where he met a fellow runaway Mai. The pair were said to have fallen in love around a month later and was very openly intimate with each other.

On the way to the Graveyard, Vincent and the four other kids in the crate they were placed in for their flight died, having run out of air and choking. Shortly upon arriving, he was buried by the Goldens, who did so disrespectfully. Mai was devastated; his death and her anger against the Goldens prompted her to become a clapper.

Physical description

Vincent was described as a "glum spike-haired boy who's all leather and body piercings".

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