Victoria Proctor
Biographical Information
Status: Alive


Gender: Female

Mark Proctor (father)
Unnamed brother

Character Information

Victoria "Vicki" Proctor is the teenage daughter of Mark Proctor.

At one point, Jeevan, in charge of intelligence under Mason Starkey's employ, thought of a backup plan in case the manager of the camp they were staying at, Vicki's father, Mark, were to discover that their bunch was the Stork Brigade. Jeevan advised him to gather information on the people they deal with. Starkey agreed and somehow found Mark's family and home.

He had one of his storks, Whitney, take a photo of Vicki, which she managed to do while she was doing her evening aerobic exercises in her bedroom. Starkey dug into her a bit more and learned her nickname, and also learned a bit more about their family, like the fact that her brother was at Stanford on a swimming scholarship. When Mark tried to blackmail Starkey for money, the latter used the information, and picture of Vicki, he had gathered to threaten him in turn. Proctor yields and Starkey promises to leave his family alone, as long as he doesn't turn them in. The picture of Vicki winds up in his shirt pocket. He is then simply relieved that he did not risk putting his daughter and the rest of his family at risk, and with the knowledge that Starkey would leave soon anyway.

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