The following was posted by the anonymous contributor,, on the Proactive Citizenry page. Although he was correct that I had to edit it out, I found it quite amusing, so I'm sharing it with everyone:

"Welcome web surfer, almost all traces of me on the internet are gone, and I suspect that this may soon be deleted. (or edited beyond recognition) Connor found me on YouTube by searching misspellings of my name, Jan_son Rheins_child. I had presented the world with an amazing new prospect -- being able to replace human parts that no longer perform their jobs with someone else's. As Connor has found on the web, the Unwind Accord , or The Bill of Life, was signed by both the pro-life and pro-choice sides because they were so afraid of the teens. When America's second Civil War was taking place, better known as the Heartland War, they had closed down the schools to prevent terrorist acts from taking place at schools. Now, most teens will say that they hate school or do not enjoy it. But when the schools were closed down, the teens found themselves with too much time on their hands and no regular schedule to keep them out of trouble. The very first clappers were teens that had too much time. The poison is actually a compound that needs pressure to start a chain reaction. They found that contact like clapping will cause the chain reaction to start and the result is an explosion causing widespread damage to whatever enviroment they are in. Other teens were able to replicate the original inventer's explosive actions because of the detailed lab notebooks undestroyed in his bedroom. Is the school system partly to blame for teaching the process of writing detailed report? The teens had created a human weapon. They started to protest to the president and at government buildings. The teens knew that the adults wouldn't care what they thought, unless they showed that they were the ones in charge of the future and could control power. This was known as the Teen Uprising . I don't know how long this will be here, so tell your friends. They need to know. The world's power is in your hands."
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