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    Where everything,when the book that sold 1 million copies started it's saga,unwind after reading the whole saga excluding the extra book like Unbound and the Lev Book i couldn't help to really like the characters in this book in the fact this is the only book when i can openly say i like all the characters as the way they are,and a warning if you haven't read the book as there will be spoilers

    While Sonia doesn't later appear on the next book and Hayden doesn't even have a chapter,since they both have a role to later in the story,and Hayden becomes more recurrent i will rank them.




    The Clapper Team(Cleaver.Mai and the Others) X

    The Admiral X

    Roland X


    Sonia X


    9th Place/Worst Character Sonia:

    No i don't hate her,and later she …

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