The Unwind Accord is an agreement that states that the unwinding of troubled teenagers is legal. This, along with the Storking Initiative, constitute The Bill of Life. Both were signed to resolve and end the Heartland War and the "terror generation's" Teen Uprising, another result of the war.

The Unwind Accord states that life is inviolable from the moment of conception until age thirteen, which is when parents can have their child unwound, or 'retroactively' aborted, until they are seventeen.

There are, however, some ways or conditions to avoid and become exempted from Unwinding. Being pregnant can save an Unwind from being unwound for nine months. Unwinding a severely injured or disabled person is also against the law, probably because of the bad condition of their body. A clapper, having explosive chemicals in their blood stream, also cannot be unwound, since their body parts cannot be distributed or given to anybody, as the chemicals never really completely leave their system.

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