Una Jacali is a member of the Arapache Rez and an apprentice to the best guitar maker on the Rez. She is the former fiancée of the late Wil Tashi'ne.

Una was deeply in love with Wil Tashi'ne, and when he was taken away by parts pirates, she was devastated. Although she loves Lev like a little brother, she believes he has a bad luck omen since whenever he comes, there is always bad luck which he brings. This is why when he comes with Conner and Grace, she tries to get them to leave by shooting a bullet through the house to scare them away, but Pivane knows it's her so he takes them there for her to protect them which she does.

Connor reveals that he liked Una because not only did she look similar to Risa, she had a fierce attitude just like hers as well, but he claims that winning her over isn't on his list of priorities.

When she is tired at the end of the day and has given them a place to sleep, she hears her late fiance Wil's music, but she knows he must be dead. Still, she lets her hope guide her and finds Camus Comprix there playing the guitar. She's mad at him but she realizes he has the keys to her shop which even she had forgotten about. She secretly kidnaps him to a sweat lodge for him to play for her.

While there, she continuously forces him to play until he is distressed. On the first day, she tries to cut off his hands, which were once Wil's, but she can't bring herself to do it. She instead cuts off one of his chains and makes him play. While he wants to push her down so he could run free, he instead pulls out a ribbon from her hair which freaks her out since Wil did that. She forces him to tell her name, but he can't remember that and instead touches her. He puts his hand at the crook of her elbow and she trembles, and with her other hand she hits him with a rock and knocks him out. He is locked there for days.

When Cam is almost able to get free because Connor comes in between, he orders them both to follow him back to Una's house. While Connor is talking to Lev, Cam overhears so Connor decides they must take Cam as well. Una's job is to guard Cam in the basement. One day, when she was in her guitar shop, she hears him playing a tune. She goes down and is mesmerized. He says that he made the song just for her, and she realizes that to do that, it must have come from Cam's self, not just his parts belonging to Wil. She is angry because not only was the song beautiful, it represents her exactly as she is. She goes to him takes his hands, feeling them, and he touches her. She feels his hands and recognizes her lost love, and then she kisses him but feels a stranger. She tells him to never come back because she despises him.

Later, because Lev stayed back, she goes with him on a journey to capture the parts pirates that took the pieces of Wil. She is able to use her wits to capture the first one and makes a deal to give Lev, who she pretended to capture if she can have a meeting with the two pirates, which he agrees to. At the meeting, she tranqs one of them, but the other runs away. She's smart enough to know he would be running for the bridge so she guns him down. Instead of taking him back, he throws himself over the bridge and hits a rock and dies. She returns with Lev to the Rez having brought the other parts pirate.

She is brought back into the book when Lev has gotten many tattoos and was shot by the Juvey cops and she is by his side. Una tells him that he is invited to her wedding with Wil. Her wedding was composed of multiple grooms, who were actually people with transplants from Wil, including Cam, and this was all arranged by Cy-fi's dads. She did the ceremony by putting the ring on Cam's hand, kissing someone else, and looking into someone else's eyes. While all the people who had parts of Wil's body conversed, Cam noticed Una was missing. He found her with dry tears outside and asked her if she was happy, to which she responds bitterly, "What do you think?". Cam realizes, after his love loss with Risa, that Risa wasn't the one for him. First of all, he only loved her because of Sampson in his mind, and he couldn't even remember her because of his worm in his brain.

He realized that he had feelings for Una, that were seperate from all of the feelings of the parts in his body. He realizes that Una is the one who is filling his hole inside him. He tells her about the rewinds and how he's going back to Molokai to help them, and he asks her to come along. She asks what's the weather like and what she should wear, to which he eagerly asks her if she would come. She kisses him in response, and tells him that she despises him, and kisses him again.

She reappears again in UnBound, when she is in bed with Cam, and he is joking around with her.

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