Unnatural Selection
Author: Neal Shusterman
Publication Date: December 15, 2015
Published By: Simon & Schuster
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Unnatural Selection is the sixth installment in the UnBound series of novellas.


This story focuses on the Dah Zey, a Burmese group notorious for their inhumane unwinding tactics and solid perseverance.

Colton ran away from home after his brother, Ryan, was unwound. Since then, he has lived in Thailand, a place where unwinding is banned.

When he meets an AWOL, Karissa, the two bond until Karissa lures him into the clutches of the Dah Zey. At the harvest camp, Colton shares a cell with three boys: Jenson (a tough guy with a temper), Gamon (a cry baby), and Kemo (a boy who was supposed to become a monk); and a girl, Pravda (who is convinced she is a clapper and the Russian military is going to save her).

When Jenson beats Gamon up, their entire cell gets in trouble for "damaging Dah Zey property". They get taken to a place known as the "Haunted Mansion" which is where the harvest camp's doctor, Doctor Rodín, conducts his business. He decides to show them his experiments. He shows them Kunal, a boy who has hands for feet, and Marisol, a girl with four eyes, each a different color, and four arms. He then takes Jenson to punish him, and tells him he is going to be his next experiment. He lets the others off with a warning.

The next day Pravda is unwound, and is replaced in their cell by none other than Karissa, who claims she only turned in unwinds to keep her sister, Marisol, alive. She doesn't know Marisol has become one of the doctor's experiments. Karissa tells them of an escape tunnel in the center of the Haunted Mansion and they devise a plan to escape.

The next day Colton volunteers himself for experimentation, at the hopes that he can find the tunnel and get his friends and himself to safety. He successfully finds the tunnel, and with the help of Kunal, is almost able to get them all to safety. At the last minute, Colton realizes they forgot Jenson, and goes to rescue him. He finds Jenson, and too poor of a state to leave with them. Jenson begs Colton to kill him, but Colton can't do it. He hears a gunshot and runs to his friends' aid.

Meanwhile, the guards have found out the escape plan and Colton's cell mates and Kunal are shooting the guards down. Gamon dies, but Colton, Kemo, Karissa, and Marisol make it to safety. Kunal doesn't make it in time, but he manages to kill the doctor.

The four who escaped end up getting to safety. They eventually split up, and Colton gets a job helping to capture parts pirates.


  • Ryan Ellis
  • Colton Ellis
  • Karissa
  • Marisol
  • Gamon
  • Jenson
  • Kemo
  • Pravda
  • Kunal
  • Sonthi
  • Doctor Rodín
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