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Unknown Quantity
Author: Neal Shusterman
Publication Date: December 15, 2015
Published By: Simon & Schuster
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Unknown Quantity is the tenth and final installment in the UnBound series of novellas.


This story features Divan and Argent after UnDivided.

Divan's sister, Dagmara, his nephew, Malik, and a Dah Zey agent, Sonthi, come aboard the Lady Lucrezia with a sinister plan in mind. Sonthi has come to ask Divan to join forces with the Dah Zey. The Dah Zey want access to Divan's efficient unwinding technology, UNIS. In exchange, they promise Divan handsome profits. Divan refuses his offer.

Meanwhile, it is found out that Malik is next in line for Divan's harvest camp. If Divan strikes the deal with the Dah Zey, Malik could be head of the Dah Zey one day. This is something Dagmara and Malik want. Malik's greed coerces him to beg Argent to see UNIS in action. Argent refuses. Later, Dagmara orders Argent to poison Divan.

Argent tells Divan of both these events. Divan says he will deal with Malik, but tells Argent to poison whoever he chooses. Argent poisons Sonthi, while Divan tells Malik that he would show him UNIS in action, ultimately tricking the latter into being unwound.

Later, Divan realizes his pilots and chef are also traitors and kills them. He activates autopilot, which is controlled by his organ. His sister comes down and Divan tells her of the events that have passed and says he and Argent are escaping on the only parachutes, and the only way Dagmara can survive is if she keeps autopilot on by playing the organ until the aircraft runs out of gas.

Argent and Divan escape and Divan gives Argent Malik's face, telling him he can be free now. Argent decides to keep working for Divan, and they decide to get a boat and sail the Mediterranean.