Unfinished Symphony
Author: Neal Shusterman
Publication Date: December 15, 2015
Published By: Simon & Schuster
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UnDevoured (story order)
Unwind (chronological)

Unfinished Symphony is the second installment in the UnBound series of novellas.


This story captures the events leading up to Risa Ward's unwinding sentence at Ohio State Home 23. The story centers around Brooklyn Ward, a girl who, unlike Risa who has taken the arts path, is training to become a military boeuf.

It is revealed that Brooklyn considers Risa to be her long standing nemesis, because of a time when they were younger, when Brooklyn accused Risa of stealing her shirt and Risa spat in Brooklyn's face in response. It is also clear that Brooklyn has always been jealous of Risa and her musical talents. Even so, after Risa makes efforts to be exceedingly nice to Brooklyn, Brooklyn realizes that it may be time to move on from their previous spat.

When Brooklyn's deaf best friend, Thor, reveals that all of the wards will be tested, and the 21 wards who score the lowest will be unwound due to budget cuts, Brooklyn knows she must ace her tests—both physical and mental—and be on her best behavior, the latter of which isn't her strong suit.

Thor hacks into the system to see Brooklyn's results. Due to a sabotaged weapon and a uncalled for fight, Brooklyn finds out she was one person away from being safe, and that she will be unwound. Thor says he can save her by switching her name with Logan's, Brooklyn's dimwitted squad mate, or Risa's, who bombed her piano recital. At first, Brooklyn wants to switch her name with Logan's, but after her previous spat with Risa is brought up later that day, she makes the decision to tell Thor to switch her name with Risa's.


  • Brooklyn Ward
  • Abigail Ward
  • Naomi Ward
  • Logan Ward
  • Kip Ward
  • Thor Ward
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