Author: Neal Shusterman
Publication Date: December 15, 2015
Published By: Simon & Schuster
Publication Order
Preceded by
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Unfinished Symphony (story order)
Unwind (chronological)

UnSchooled is the first installment in the UnBound series of novellas.


This is a story giving insight into J.T. Nelson's backstory, telling his life as a child in the Heartland War.

As a child, Nelson envied the feral children and tried to impress Alph, the leader of one of the nearby gangs who had taken over an old theater. Alph told him off, saying he should be grateful for what he has, and beat him as a warning to never come back.

Meanwhile, Nelson's father was suffering from heart problems, but he was behind a whole list of people waiting for a heart transplant before him. Things looked dire for him.

A few years later, after the Unwind Accord was passed, Nelson convinced Alph's (real name Kevin) mother to sign to allow him to be unwound. He told the police of their location, and the police raided the theater of Alph's gang. Alph was captured, and while trying to run away, Nelson took a nearby Juvey-cop's tranq gun and shot him down.

Because of Nelson's efforts, his father was moved all the way to the top of the list for heart transplants and was saved.


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