Unwinding Intelli-System, also called UNIS, is an automated robotic unwinding machine that claims to give Unwinds a "personalized" divisional experience. These are used and owned exclusively by Divan Umarov. It was introduced in UnDivided, used to unwind hundreds of people for Divan's black market unwinding business.


Unlike the normal way of unwinding, this one is done entirely by machine and is designed to be comfortable and personalized for the Unwind. It is also much quicker and more efficient for the unwinders—taking only about 45 minutes, with anesthesia, instead of the the usual span of 3 hours.

The unwind wears a gunmetal gray bodysuit made of metallic filaments that magnetically fixes them in place in front of the machine. Once the machine is ready, UNIS rolls them in on a conveyor belt shutting them in a chamber that is a bit larger than a coffin. There is also a small side window for viewing. It is also sound proof.

Being automated, UNIS speaks in a gender-less, stoic, computerized/robotic voice and refers to the Unwind by name. It begins each unwinding session with an introduction, saying "Hello, [name of Unwind]. Welcome to your divisional experience! I am your fully automated Unwinding Intelli-System, but you can call me UNIS. Before we get started, [name], I have a few questions to make this a smooth and positive transition into a divided state. First let me confirm your comfort level. Please rate your current level of comfort on a scale of one to ten, ten being the least uncomfortable."

The machine has a set of actions prepared for each response—or lack thereof; if the person does not respond, it will choose for them as the process of unwinding occurs, during which the harvested body parts are placed in small medical stasis coolers and automatically dispensed on a conveyor belt, labeled with lot numbers.

At the end, UNIS will finally say the last words the Unwind would hear before their death/division: "We will soon be ending your the audiovisual portion of your experience. Let me take this opportunity to say what a pleasure it has been to serve [name], on your special day."


During the auction for Connor's unwound body parts, Argent Skinner switched the labels on the boxes that contained him with those of a random boy's, Bryce Barlow. This allowed the Admiral and Risa Ward to buy all his parts and have him rewound.

Shortly after, J.T. Nelson was unwound by UNIS, put in there by Argent after knocking him out. Argent put his name in as "Jackass Dirtbag" and set the machine for an express unwinding—a rushed process without the use of anesthesia. The machine then offered to distract him from the discomfort with images of scenic vistas in the chamber. Nelson screamed throughout the procedure, presumably until he no longer could, while Argent watched.

People unwound with UNIS

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