The Stork Brigade, formerly known as the Stork Club, is a group of storked AWOLs led by Mason Starkey. What started as a simple club, a band of storks who cam together for support and survival at the Graveyard, has since developed into a revolutionary group of liberators and anarchists.


The club was started at the Graveyard by Mason Starkey in UnWholly. Tired of being overlooked and treated as lower beings, Mason, with his new position of power, began giving privileges to his storks, making them respect and look up to him as their leader. The club looked exclusively after each other and made others feel out of place and lower, thus reversing their situation. The group subtly caused mischief, trying to make Connor's reign over the Graveyard seem weak.

When a raid at the Graveyard threatened the capture of a large number of AWOLs, the storks, along with a few other AWOLs, safely boarded the plane meant to be the getaway for most everyone at the Graveyard. Starkey managed to threaten Trace Neuhauser into flying the plane for them. While they had to do an emergency crash landing at the Salton Sea, 128 survived, losing 41 in the crash, including Trace whom Starkey and the others left for dead.

Soon after, the storks stayed together and began hiding out in the mountains above the Salton Sea, traveling only at night, before resorting to ransacking roadside convenience stores, mostly 7-Elevens, in the middle of the night. This, however, put them at risk of discovery. After that, they settled down at an abandoned hotel at Palm Springs for about a week until they were discovered by some local kids who, although promised them that they would keep them a secret, Starkey did not trust.

Their fates began to change when Jeevan tapped into the bank account of the Stork Clubs' parents, collecting over seventeen thousand dollars in an offshore account, using Raymond Harwood, a random boy who used to tease Jeevan in middle school, as their scapegoat.

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  • Camp Red Heron
  • Egret Academy
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