Admiral Dunfee is the former leader of the Graveyard. Nobody knows his real name, only few know his last.


The Admiral was said to have fought in the Heartland War, on the third side: the one that had to keep the pro-choice and pro-life from killing each other. It was this side that gave the idea of unwinding, which all sides eventually agreed on. He was revealed to be one of the founding fathers of the idea, and the Bill of Life.

The admiral had a wife and an unruly son, Harlan. Required to set an example, the Admiral sent his son off to be unwound. When the Admiral and his wife changed their minds, it had been too late. His wife soon left him and the Admiral went into depression for several years.

Their dilemma soon became a story told among children, albeit with some exaggeration. Harlan became known as "Humphrey Dunfee", and his parents were told to be psychotic. The father, the Admiral, was a government employee who managed to hack into the National Unwind Database, the parts department, and accessed the unwinding records of his son. With a printout of every single person who received a piece of Humphrey, the Dunfees apparently traveled the world to find and kill them for Humphrey's parts to make their son whole again. While this was true to some extent, the Admiral and his wife merely wanted all of Harlan's parts to be gathered in one place, symbolically making their son whole again.

The Admiral eventually set up the Graveyard to make up for it. There, he planned to let runaway Unwinds hide until they turned eighteen, or until they find a sponsor willing to falsify their identification. He ends up giving up his position to Connor Lassiter after a near death experience.


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After Connor, Risa, and Lev escaped from the Chop Shop, the admiral and his wife hosted the party to bring their son Harlan "together" by gathering all the recipients of Harlan's parts to their home in Texas.


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