Storking is the term used to describe the activity of leaving ones' own infant on someone's else's doorstep. This can be done if they cannot provide for their child or if they simply do not want one. If they do not get caught, then they can feign ignorance and have the family—the one who ends up with the baby on their doorstep—keep the stork. The freedom and right to do so is granted by the Storking Initiative. However, if they do get caught, they will be obliged to take the baby back. They will either keep the baby or decide to still give it up by sending them to State Homes to be wards.

According to some believers, storking is in the Bible. They believe Moses is the first storked baby, having been placed in a basket in the Nile and later found by Pharaoh's daughter. Some children, like Lev, were said to believe that the term "storking" actually means that the baby was brought by the stork.

Known storked characters

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