Roberta Griswold is Camus Comprix's former guardian.


During the search for unwound parts for the first of Proactive Citizenry's composite beings, she met Wil Tashi'ne and takes his musical hands specifically after he was unwound.

When Cam was "born", she guided him and tried to help him gain his existence idea.

Later on, she blackmailed Risa Ward into helping her encourage unwinding and help make the world accept Cam's existence. This backfires, however, when Risa betrays her after the Juvies' raid on the Graveyard, and blasts Unwinding. She also gradually loses Cam's loyalty, after both her actions towards Risa and her scheming with the military and Senator Cobb. The final blow comes after she has Cam's mind programmed to forget all memories of Risa Ward.

Ironically, she plays a key role in unraveling all of her goals and plans, as well as helping lay the foundation for the end of unwinding itself, when Cam tricks her into admitting on both audio and camera all of Proactive Citizenry's dark secrets, such as their role in plotting clapper attacks (and Mason Starkey's attacks by extension), their Rewind deal with the military, manipulating the public through fear to expand their goals, and their influence with the Juvenile Authority. She is horrified when she realizes this, and is mocked by Cam, pointing out that she will become PC's scapegoat. He then offers her her gun, offering her a way out through suicide, a better fate than her former colleagues have planned. She cannot bring herself to do so, however, and is later arrested and is charged with crimes against humanity.

Physical description

Roberta is described as having blonde-dyed hair, her brown roots showing, and a hint of a British accent.

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