Biographical Information
Full name: Risa Megan Ward
Age: 17 (as of UnWholly)
Status: Alive; Paralyzed from waist down


Gender: Female
Unwind Standing:

Ex-AWOL Unwind; survived past 17
Exempted from Unwinding;
Refused spine transplant


Connor Lassiter
The Graveyard


Ohio (former)

Character Information

Risa Megan Ward is a ward of the state of Ohio. Someone she had met told her that Risa was short for "sonrisa," Spanish for "smile." She was a pianist at Ohio23, but wasn't quite living up to expectations and therefore sent to be unwound so that the ward could make the budget. When she arrives at the Graveyard, she is assigned as a medic, and proves herself to be fairly adept, helping to save the life of the Admiral. Towards the end, when her spine is destroyed, she becomes paralyzed from waist down but refuses the Unwind transplant and is then confined to a wheelchair.

Physical Appearance

She has brown hair. She was described by Connor as pretty, possessing a natural kind of beauty.


Growing up as a state of the ward, she had always ben under the pressure to be great in her field, which was music in her state home. Without realizing it, though, she had also become quite good with several other things noted by others around her, such as her survival and medical skills. After staying in the Graveyard as a medic, she realized she wanted to go down that road and be a doctor someday, if she survived past 18.


Her name "Risa" may be derived from the Spanish word "sonrisa" which means smile, as stated by a Hispanic kid Risa once met.

Being a ward of the state, she shares the surname "Ward" with other wards of the state.

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