Radio Free Hayden is the broadcast run by Hayden Upchurch.


The transmission started out as a simple stationary radio station for the Whollies at the Graveyard, ran from the ComBom with a signal that barely reached half a mile and never got beyond the Graveyard. It would play music over the Graveyard, and he occasionally had guests he interviewed for the show.

However, after the Graveyard was raided by Juvey-cops, and Hayden was taken into custody and brought to a harvest camp, Radio Free Hayden temporarily came to an end, but Hayden left a mark for delivering what became known as the Unwind, or Whollie's, Manifesto against unwinding, where he called for a new Teen Uprising, on TV during his arrest and became popular online.

After Hayden escaped with The Stork Brigade, Hayden, with some encouragement from former co-ComBom worker, Jeevan, released a podcast he called "Radio Free Hayden", though he knew his reach would be limited especially since the Juvies were likely to take the podcast offline before more people could find it, which proved to be true, as the next podcasts he released were constantly removed by the National Juvenile Authority a few hours after he posts them.

After they escaped from Mason Starkey, Hayden, along with Jeevan, who helped him get a wider audience, and a small crew of computer techs (a group of that, including him, he collectively calls the Verbal Strike Force, or VSF), went on the run and began raiding radio stations to air broadcasts of their mobile and hard to track down radio show. Here, he shared true information, divulged lies and fabricated stories, about unwinding and recent events (particularly those regarding the Stork Brigade, Starkey, clappers, storks, AWOLs, Camus Comprix, rewinding, and Connor Lassiter, among many others), updates and his insights on what is really going on in their world (such as bills and votes). Hayden also revived the idea of another Uprising, a movement that he hoped would be less violent compared to the last. He suggested the time (November 1, All Saints' Day) and place (National Mall).

He only hoped that, even if only a few people turned up, it would help somehow and encourage others to do the same; he was not expecting that the scope of his broadcast and their influence would be as large as it was. Unbeknownst to them, several people had gotten wind of his broadcasts and messages and began awaiting each release, until they eventually garnered millions of followers and supporters, almost all of whom came to his suggested time and place and initiated the rally that would become known as the All Saints' Uprising.

At the end of every broadcast, Hayden plays Frank Sinatra's song "I've Got You Under My Skin".

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