Proactive Citizenry is the organization that campaigns pro-unwinding, originally founded by Janson Rheinschild to ensure that there will be no abuse to the methods of unwinding. It has since then changed its goals, renouncing Janson as their founder. Its headquarters is currently in Chicago.


Rheinschild pioneered neural bonding and regeneration—the very technology that made unwinding possible. He had created unwinding with good intentions at heart—simply improving organ donation to save others' lives. Proactive Citizenry was founded to study the ethical issues inherent in the new found medical advancement, and to make sure there are no abuses of the technology. Unfortunately, the organization eventually went awry, being the very foundation for the monster Janson feared unwinding could develop into.

When Janson seemingly tried stop and go against his own organization, the other members of Proactive Citizenry decided to act against him. Rheinschild's commemoration symbols, his name on the marble wall of the lobby and his statue in the garden, were removed, leaving the five other founders, with the remains of Rheinschild's serving as a reminder to the members.

Rheinschild's wife and partner in his discoveries, Sonia Rheinschild, then went on to run one of the safe houses that keep the AWOL Unwinds.


Some of Proactive Citizenry's purposes including protecting the way of life they believe is right, which includes having unwinding at the core. They believe that they are doing good in the world by seeking to advance the causes of both science and freedom as well as providing a sense of spiritual enlightenment.

The organization advertises and campaigns unwinding through billboards, print ads, among others. Unbeknownst to most, Proactive Citizenry also secretly funds activities and ads that, on the outside, apparently fight unwinding but really subliminally convinces people to support unwinding more. This includes certain clapper cells, the Stork Brigade, and other seemingly anti-unwinding campaigns.

To further reinforce their support and belief of their cause, the organization created Camus Comprix, an experimental composite being made entirely of different people's unwound body parts.

The Proactive Citizenry is not publicly known, and the little information some know of them associate them with charitable organizations or as sponsors for the pro-unwinding ads. The Proactive Citizenry tend to use the organization names "Consortium of Concerned Taxpayers" and the "National Whole Health Society" as cover, particularly for their ads.

The organization also partly controls the National Juvenile Authority and the military.

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