Pastor Daniel Garrity was once Lev Calder's pastor, mentor and friend.




He is depicted as having a kind, understanding personality and a wise counselor as well. But he seems to have a subtle streak of rebellion for he despises unwinding and is the one who urges Lev to escape.


Dan is no longer a Pastor, except to Lev, and he now lists himself as a nondenominational cleric since they no longer believed in a God who condones human tithing</span>. The question of their religion became a running joke between the two; every time Lev asks him, Pastor Dan has another answer.

One of them was Leviathan which, other than its shared name with a Biblical sea monster, is a reference to Lev's name because, as Pastor Dan put it, "what happened to you, Lev, is at the heart of it all." When Lev ponders the shared name with a big, ugly monster, Pastor Dan says that, hopefully, he never becomes one. At the Cavenaugh Mansion, he remembers Dan and thinks that the other ex-tithes around him are 'Leviathan' because of the way they practically worship him.

Other made-up religions mentioned by him are:

  • “We’re Pentupcostal because we’re sick of all the hypocrisy.”
  • “We’re Clueish, because we finally got a clue.”
  • “We’re PresbyPterodactyl, because we’re making this whole thing fly against all reason.”
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