Biographical Information
Age: 15
Status: Unknown
Gender: Male
Unwind Standing:



Connor Lassiter


Walter Falkowski (father)

Character Information

Noah Falkowski is a boy set to be unwound at 15 who was saved by Connor Lassiter.

A day before his pickup date, Connor, in the guise of Officer E. Robert Mullard, came for him, intending to take him in without the need to steal him away from actual juvey-cops. Noah's parents argued with him and his friends, telling them that they were not yet ready to surrender their son.

As part of their procedure, Connor told them their true intentions. Noah was then dragged out of his room by Trace Neuhauser. When Connor told him that his parents were going to have him unwound, he refused to believe him until Connor forced them to tell him the truth. Furious, he asked Connor to hurt them, which Connor declined.

Meanwhile, Connor asked Noah's parents to write down the reasons they have decided to have Noah unwound, which Walter wrote down in bullet points instead of the usual manifesto. Connor read their reasons to them out loud, hoping to make them realize how silly they were to have their child unwound; his parents cited "their own failure as parents" as one reason, infuriating Connor even more. He then told them to not tell the Juvies about them and to make them believe that Noah ran away. Connor threatened them that they monitor police frequencies so they will know if they tell them and that if they do, their names will become linked to a dozen known clapper cells, entangling their identities in terrorism. Noah's mother tells Connor that they were "desperate" and unwinding was suggested to them. Shamed by Connor, Walter burst into tears, while his mother, still defiant, explained that they did try to be good parents.

Noah then gathered his things and left, but not before telling his parents that he hates them.

At the Graveyard, Noah was given guard duty.

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  • Noah was, according to Connor, Unwind subject 53-990-24. Whether this was true or made-up is unknown.
  • Noah is among the characters Neal Shusterman named after a fan through a post on his Facebook page. He was named after Noah Macey and an unknown Falkowski. Although he initially announced that he will go with the surname Perrin, he also expressed interest in the surname Falkowski and eventually went with it.[1][2][3]


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