Miracolina Roselli
Biographical Information
Age: 13 (in UnWholly)
Status: Alive
Gender: Female

Cavenaugh mansion


Matteo Roselli (brother)

Significant Other/s:

Lev Garrity

Character Information

Miracolina Roselli is a former tithe who was saved from unwinding.


Early life

Miracolina was conceived in an effort to save her brother, Matteo, who was diagnosed with leukemia when he was ten, who could only be saved with a marrow transplant from a sibling. When she was born, a marrow was taken from her hip and given to Matteo.

Miracolina became a tithe because, out of the 10 embryos in vitro, she was the only one who was a match for Matteo and was thus the one chosen to be kept by her family, making her a tenth of a whole. Though to her parents, Miracolina was tithed because they had promised God that if Miracolina's birth saved Matteo, they would "give her back" through tithing.

As she grew up, Miracolina accepted her responsibility fully, while her parents had become attached to her and emotional about her tithing, rather unwilling to let her go.


On the day of her transport to the harvest camps, Miracolina and Timothy, another tithe she is transported with, are rescued by the Cavenaugh Trust. While initially skeptical to accept what they tried to teach the former tithes, her friendship with Lev, determined to save her from herself, was able to convince her that she deserves a life no matter how brainwashed she was while growing up. She was knocked out by the Graveyard and, during the raid, was caught by Juvey cops, who then reveal that she was being brought back to her family since, it turns out, her parents decided not to sign her unwinding papers, after all.


  • Miracolina's favorite meal is Rigatoni Amatriciana.
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