Mark Proctor
Biographical Information
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Occupation: Camp manager

Northern California


Victoria (daughter)
Unnamed son

Character Information

Mark Proctor is the manager of the Redwood Bluff Campground in Northern California.


As a manager of the camp, Proctor did not make much and often had money troubles.

At one point, the Stork Club, under the name "Camp Red Heron", rented a huge portion of the campsite. After some investigation, Proctor realized that the man in charge, called "Anson", was in fact the AWOL Unwind Mason Starkey, wanted for killing a cop. Despite being paid in advance, in cash and in full, Proctor, who was desperate, tried to blackmail him into paying more, threatening to turn them into the Juvenile Authority.

Instead, Proctor's plan backfired when Starkey showed him a photo of his teenage daughter, Victoria, in her bedroom, and proved that he knew enough about his daughter and son, who was on a swimming scholarship at Stanford. Proctor agreed to tell no one about them. He left and realized that the photo of Vicki was now in his shirt pocket, suddenly grateful that he was "not so much of a fool as to bring harm to her or to her brother."


Proctor is a word used to refer to a person or an official charged with various duties, especially the supervision of a certain activity in a venue or the maintenance of good order.


  • Mark is among the characters Neal Shusterman named after a fan through a post on his Facebook page. He was named after Mark Wahba and Madison Proctor.[1][2]


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