Marisol is one of the Burmese Dah Zey's experiments and the sister of Karissa.


Not much is known about Marisol's history, other than that she is most likely from Britain, judging from her sister's Cockney accent. Marisol was most likely captured by the Day Zey and her sister used to bring in Unwinds. Karissa, Marisol's sister, was told to capture 50 Unwinds in exchange for Marisol's freedom. However, when she brought in her 49th, she was captured as the 50th and neither her nor her sister were set free. Karissa talked to Marisol on the phone each week, just to know she was alive. However while Marisol was alive, she was being experimented on by the Dah Zey, with four eyes, each of a different color, and four arms. When Colton and the others attempted to escape, Marisol was brought along, and her and Karissa were two of the four to successfully escape, along with Colton and Kemo. Marisol and Karissa go off on their own soon after the escape.

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