The Lady Lucrezia is the airship owned by wealthy Chechen entrepreneur Divan Umarov. It is his pride and joy, as well as the nerve center of his black market network.

The Antonov AN-225 Mriya is the largest flying object ever built. The six engines of the massive cargo jet boast more horsepower than Napolean's entire cavalry. Divan's is one of the only two ever built—the other one is on display in a Ukrainian air museum, which he was also in negotiation to acquire.

"From the outside it looks like a 747 with a glandular problems."

The interior bears no resemblance to its original hollow shell, however. It was meticulously designed to be both a lavish residence as well as a fully functional harvest camp, landing only to take on fuel and fresh Unwinds from Divan's international network of parts pirates, as well as to offload the various and sundry products of unwinding, worth so much more than the kids themselves.

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