Kirk Lassiter
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Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Unwind Standing:



Columbus, Ohio


Connor Lassiter (son)
Lucas Lassiter (son)

Significant Other/s:

Claire Lassiter (wife)

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Kirk Lassiter is the father of Connor Lassiter.


As Connor grew up, Kirk and Claire became increasingly worried about Connor's adolescent behavior. At one point, they finally signed the unwind order. However, Connor found the signed order and kicked AWOL. Kirk helped the Juvey-cops and rounders track Connor and tried to get him to come with them. Connor continued to run away and finally disappeared.

Eventually, Connor became notoriously known as the Akron AWOL, after tranqing J.T. Nelson. He only grew in notoriety, and the family came under Juvie and media scrutiny. Despite all this, he and Claire grew remorseful over the whole ordeal, to the point where they never took the vacation trip to the Bahamas they meant to take after Connor was unwound and couldn't even bring themselves to get rid of the tickets.

In UnDivided, he and Claire came incredibly close to seeing their son return home, who intended to ask Kirk to fix the organ printer and also confront them. However, Connor was abducted by Nelson's before he could even get to their porch. The letter Connor brought with him was lost in the wind and never retrieved by Kirk or Claire.

Despite not knowing that Connor would be at the gathering, Kirk and the rest of their family attended the All Saints' Uprising. Connor later arrived aboard an aircraft, and the family immediately made their way to Connor as he addressed the crowd. Upon being recognized by the spectators as the people who had signed Connor's unwind order in the first place, the couple was assaulted. Connor saved them and, to protect them further, publicly hugged them. Kirk tearfully asked Connor if he could ever forgive them and, while Connor told him that he was only doing that to save them, Connor knew that he was prepared to forgive them beforehand and would be ready then if they fought for his forgiveness.


  • Kirk is among the characters Neal Shusterman named after a fan through a post on his Facebook page. He was named after Kirk Balbas.[1][2]


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