Kevin and Raul were among the seventeen-year-olds the Admiral trusted to oversee the Graveyard. Among the Unwinds, the five of them were called the Goldens.

Along with Melinda, Kevin and Raul gave out jobs to the newly-arrived Unwinds. Risa refers to one of Kevin and Raul as "Port-side boy" and "Starboard Boy", because of their positions on the ship vessel they were sitting on. While Starboard initially opted to give Risa a job as a dishwasher, upon witnessing Risa's ability to handle injury, Port-side boy promoted Risa from dishwasher to medic.

Port-side boy is kinder than Starboard Boy, and is also a ward of the state, from Florida StaHo 18. Starboard Boy is seemingly cockier and less pleasant. Risa finds herself disliking him, and the three of them in general, reminding her of the tribunal of lawyers and social worker who told her she was going to be unwound.

Along with the other Goldens, they were all murdered, left to suffocate and die in a crate, by the clapper group at the Graveyard: Mai, Blaine, and Cleaver.

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