Josias Aldridge is a truck driver that helps Connor Lassiter in Unwind.


Ten years prior to the events of Unwind, Josias fell asleep at the wheel and lost an arm, a kidney, and a few other things, which were all then replaced with an Unwind's.


Down by the interstate is a rest stop where truckers pull off the road for the night. Connor decides to go here, hoping he can slip in the back of an eighteen-wheeler but quickly learns that truckers keep their cargo locked. Then, at about a quarter to four, a couple of police cars search the premises. That is when Connor sees Josias who had just opened the door to and left the little bedroom behind the cab of his truck. In the hairbreadth of a moment, Connor makes a decision and bolts from his hiding spot and hides in the room. In the room is a bed and, before he could even take out the duffle bags underneath to hide in, the trucker returns and sees him.

Connor begs the man to not turn him in and even offers him money, but he is declined. The trucker then explains to him that he is unlike other people who would take his money but turn him in anyway. He shows Connor a magic trick done by his grafted Unwind's arm. He introduces himself and tells him his road plan, that he's heading north and that Connor can ride with him till morning.

When Josias goes off to the bathroom, Connor thinks that he had turned him in when Juvey-cops make a commotion outside, which turns out to be for a fellow AWOL, Andy Jameson. He then sleeps through the night and wakes at 7:30 the morning, with his father calling him on his cell phone. Turns out, they were able to trace Connor's location through his cell phone. Connor is called out of the truck by Juvey-cops and his father, and Aldridge is a few yards away being handcuffed.


He is mentioned by Karla as a trucker that came into the diner and bragged all about helping out the Akron AWOL a year before by giving him a ride. Josias got arrested for publicly announcing this. Nonetheless, he still wanted the world to know that he did the right thing. It is mention that Connor suppresses a smile at the mention of Josias.

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