Surely this new medical technology will free us rather than enslave us, for it is my firm belief that human compassion outweighs human greed. To that end, I hereby found Proactive Citizenry to be a stalwart watchdog over the ethical use of neurografting. I am confident that abuses will be the exception rather than the rule.

–Janson Rheinschild, UnSouled

Janson Rheinschild is a research scientist and inventor. He was the founder of Proactive Citizenry and the discoverer of the process of unwinding.


Rheinschild once lived in Montana. It was through a local news article from Montana that Connor and Lev finally found out about Janson. They found an online article dated more than thirty years ago with his name constantly misspelled as Reignchild, so the articles were never deleted, like every other information about Janson.

Rheinschild pioneered neural bonding and regeneration—the very technology that made unwinding possible. He had created unwinding with good intentions at heart—simply improving organ donation to save others' lives. He then started the organization Proactive Citizenry to study the ethical issues inherent in the new found medical advancement, and to make sure there are no abuses of the technology. Unfortunately, the organization eventually went awry, being the very foundation for the monster Janson feared unwinding could develop into.

When he saw what has become of the world because of unwinding, he seemed to have tried to undo it and go against it, only to be stopped when Proactive Citizenry itself began to act against him. Rheinschild's commemoration symbols, his name on the marble wall of the lobby and his statue in the garden, were removed, leaving the five other founders, with the remains of Rheinschild's serving as a reminder to the members.

Rheinschild's wife and partner in his discoveries is Sonia Rheinschild, the same Sonia who ran the first safe house for the AWOL Unwinds through her antique shop in Akron, Ohio.


  • Janson is among the characters Neal Shusterman named after a fan through a post on his Facebook page.[1][2]


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