J.T. Nelson
Biographical Information
Full name: Jasper Thomas Nelson
Status: Unwound
Gender: Male
Occupation: Parts pirate
Juvey-cop (former)
Character Information

Jasper "J.T." Nelson was a parts pirate and a former Juvey-cop who held a grudge against Connor Lassiter.


J.T. Nelson was among the Juvies in Akron, Ohio chasing after Connor Lassiter, and Lev Calder, whom Connor had just taken with him, when he is tricked by Risa Ward. Caught off guard, Connor managed to take his tranquilizer gun from him and was then tranq'd by his own gun. This was the act that made Connor the legendary Akron AWOL, and Nelson a laughing stock, and was blamed as part of the reason that Connor became such an iconic figure in the first place.

He soon became involved in the parts pirate business, claiming he got more respect as a parts pirate than as a juvenile enforcement officer. Nelson suddenly developed an interest in the eyes of the scared AWOLs he catches. He also became obsessed with having his revenge on Connor, intent on being the one to take him down and take his unwound eyes.

He went through great lengths to find and capture Connor, which included kidnapping Lev and Miracolina in order for them to escape and lead him to Connor. When Nelson finally arrived at the Graveyard, he tranq'd the guards and Miracolina and made his way in. When he finally confronted Connor, he tranq'd him and snuck him out in his van. Unknown to Nelson, this was planned by Lev, knowing that Nelson was the only one who could get Connor out of the raid. Lev managed to tranq him just in time. Nelson was then left at a ditch outside the Graveyard, and his skin burned under the Arizona sun.

About a week later, Argent Skinner posted a photo of himself and Connor online. Nelson tracked Argent down and offered to take Argent with him in his hunt for Connor. Nelson took Argent across the country, thinking Argent is giving him directions to where Connor is. Unbeknownst to him, Argent was toying with him, giving him false information to use him as his means of traveling.


Nelson is a generally selfish and proud person. He chose to become a Juvey-cop for malicious reasons rather than to protect others. After he was shot with his own gun by Connor, he became dangerously obsessed with restoring his own reputation, becoming a parts pirate and tracking Connor across the country for revenge.

Physical description

Since being disgraced, Nelson began having operations to receive unwound eyes from the black market—blue and brown, none of which have matched properly. Since Arizona, the right half of Nelson's face became badly burned.

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