Biographical Information
Full name: Hayden Upchurch
Age: 17
Status: Alive

"The Smirker"

Gender: Male
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Occupation: * Leader of the ComBom
  • Connor Lassiter
  • Bam Covalt

-Sonia's Safe House -The Graveyard -With the Stork Club

  • Mother and Father(not present in his life)
  • Only Child
Character Information
Appears in:

Hayden Upchurch is an Unwind who went AWOL around the same time as Connor and several others. From the basement of Sonia's antique shop, they were sent to the Graveyard, where the group stayed for over a year with other AWOLs. Hayden grew to become a loyal friend to Connor.



Hayden is from a wealthy family, whose father is implied to be a powerful figure in the corporate world. His parents divorced and fought over their fortune. Only after spending all the money on lawyers and arguing did they fight over the last thing left: Hayden. They finally agreed that they would both rather have Hayden unwound than have the other parent have custody. He managed to escape before the Juvey-cops could capture him and ended up at Sonia's safe house with Risa, Connor, the baby, Lev, and Roland. He stayed at Sonia's safe house for a few days until he was brought along the train of the Anti Divisional Resistance to eventally end up in the Graveyard. He stayed at the Graveyard under the Admirals and then Connors leadership until its' falling out when Juvie-Cops raided the scene. 


During the plane trip to the Graveyard, Hayden was in a crate with Connor, a boy who became known as Emby, and Diego.[1]

When he first arrived at the Graveyard under the Admiral, he was assigned to food distribution.[2] Later, when the Graveyard was managed by Connor, he headed up the communications center, known as the ComBom, where he also ran a radio station with the intention of reaching other "Whollies" on the run, though their signal had a small reach.[3]

Cold Springs


Stork Club


Physical description

Connor once said that Hayden looked like he was from a wealthy family. He is said to be blond with blue eyes, perfect hair, and straight teeth, aided by the fact that he wears braces. Despite his apparently perfect hair, his eyes tell of sleepless nights. According to Connor, he has "a smirk on his face that seems to be permanent".


Hayden is quite the joker; he smirks a lot, to a point where Connor says he can never tell if Hayden is joking or not, as his tone is usually the same. Hayden's personality is a direct result of his parents' divorce and their decision to unwind him, using jokes to cover up his emotions. He believes that if he does not keep laughing, it might "just tear him apart worse than a Chop Shop".


  • Hayden once claimed that he will only remain loyal to Connor and the Graveyard until he turns seventeen, and can no longer be unwound. When a fellow wholly points out that he already is seventeen, he tells them "last year didn't count". Despite this, Hayden still remains loyal to Connor.
  • Hayden's family is religious, and although it is implied that his faith is not all that important to him, he immediately turns to prayer at the face of death. On a related note, Hayden’s name comes from a German word meaning "an unconverted member of a people or nation that does not acknowledge the God of the Bible".
  • In answer to his question "would you rather die or be unwound", he states he would rather die.
  • Hayden's favorite food is spam, which he acquired a taste for while traveling through the safe houses (and jokes about becoming trailer trash for it).
  • Hayden's surname "Upchurch" was first revealed by Neal Shusterman on Twitter.[4]
  • Neal once stated that Hayden may or may not be gay.[5]


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