Officer Elvis Robert Mullard was a nineteen-year-old guard at the Happy Jack Harvest Camp who died during the clapper incident.


Elvis was originally a ward of the state. When he was still in his state home, he had dreams of starting a business with his friends, but once they got out, no one loaned them, being StaHo kids, start-up money. He changed his last name from Ward to Mullard—the name of the richest family in town, and also a very common surname grabbed by StaHo kids upon their release.

Mullard had been working several unfulfilling jobs when he landed the harvest camp guard gig a year after his release, and it was a job he grew to hate. He was on duty, guarding the Chop Shop, when two clappers came in the guise of Unwinds ordered to bring food to the band playing on the rooftop. Initially skeptical as he found them suspicious, he let them through when no one responded to his call, but not before taking a chicken breast from the plate for himself. Because of this, Mullard was later caught in the explosion that ensued.

Since most of the bodies were unrecognizable after the blast, Mullard's ID and identity was given to Connor Lassiter to support the presumption that the Akron AWOL died in the attack.

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