Dierdre, also known as Didi, is the storked child Connor Lassiter and Risa Ward took care of before being officially taken in by Hannah.



The baby's nineteen year-old mother decided to stork her shortly after her birth. She was left on the welcome mat of a good-enough looking house, which her mother thought housed a family that would be able to provide for the child and make her happy. Connor, who had a bad experience with a storked child years ago, felt pity for the baby when he saw it.

When a woman and her son living in the house showed hostility upon seeing another stork on their doorstep, Connor, haunted by memories of Baby Lassiter, approached them with no actual plan, leading to a confrontation with the angry woman. He and Risa end up pretending to be the parents; apparently caught in the act while storking the baby, they leave with the child.

After weeks of taking care of her, Hannah, the woman who helped Connor and Risa escape from a school surrounded with Juvies and a personal friend of Sonia, offered to take the baby from them and hence became the stork-mother of the child.


Years after being storked, Didi has since been renamed by Hannah as Dierdre. Hannah's husband, Didi's stork-father, has died, and though only the two of them are left, they remain happy. Hannah continues to help Sonia, and on one occasion let a wanted Risa stay with them. Two weeks after, Connor, Grace, and Cam arrive and stay with them, as well. Though Didi did not remember Connor, he remembered her and was joyed at the sight of her doing well. Dierdre played with Connor, soothing his anger, and Grace.

Later that night, when men from Proactive Citizenry come for Cam in their home, everyone except Dierdre is tranq'd, her cries irritating Roberta.


  • She is among the characters Neal Shusterman asked name suggestions for from fans on his Facebook page.[1][2]


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