Composite beings are beings made up of the Rewound body parts from multiple people. Composite beings were first made by Proactive Citizenry. This organization initially made Camus Comprix and later fifty Composites for the United States Military.


Composite beings became possible after Unwinding allowed for the ability to harvest all body parts from a person.

Camus Comprix

Camus Comprix (Camus Composite-Prime) was the first ever fully composite human being. He was created by Proactive Citizenry using the parts of ninety-nine Unwinds.

US Military

Following the success of Camus, the United States Military paid Proactive Citizenry to make an army of Composites. The first round was fifty soldiers and later the military would order tens of thousands. This operation was put to a halt when Camus intervened and got the information of their existence out to the public.

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