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Biographical Information
Age: Adult-age
Status: Deceased
Gender: Male


Character Information
We are havoc. We're chaos. We mess with the world.

–Cleaver, Unwind

Cleaver is the pilot in the Graveyard and one of the very few adults working there. He is also the Admiral's personal pilot. He takes Roland in as his apprentice. It is later revealed that he is in cahoots with clappers by either recruiting new ones from the Graveyard or welcoming new ones directed to them by other clappers. He recruits Mai, Blaine and Lev with ease. Cleaver, already working for the Admiral, sends the young clappers off to their destinations through work call, where he suggests fake, bad work which the clappers would volunteer for.


Cleaver has a psychotic love for chaos.

Physical description

He has greasy red hair, a straggly goatee to match, and a boney face with sunken cheeks.


  • He is the first pilot of the Graveyard who, like Trace Neuhauser, turns out to have motives of his own. Both meet their cruel fates; while Trace was left to drown in the Salton Sea, Cleaver was beaten to death in a Graveyard riot.