Claire Lassiter
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Status: Alive
Gender: Female
Unwind Standing:



Columbus, Ohio


Connor Lassiter (son)
Lucas Lassiter (son)

Significant Other/s:

Kirk Lassiter (husband)

Character Information
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Claire Lassiter is the mother of Connor Lassiter.


Ever since Connor kicked AWOL, Claire had become racked with guilt and regret over the whole ordeal that the family never took the vacation trip to the Bahamas they supposedly meant to take after Connor was unwound. She became increasingly edgy over the years, not only because of the media and National Juvenile Authority scrutiny the family had since been put under since Connor became the Akron AWOL, but also because occasionally, she hoped that the noise was Connor coming back home.

In UnDivided, Claire came incredibly close to seeing her son return home, who intended to confront them and give them the heartfelt letter he had written for them weeks after he found the unwind order and subsequently kicked AWOL, if it had not been for Nelson's untimely interference. The letter was later lost in the wind, with Claire mistaking it for trash on their lawn before it was swept away.

Despite not knowing that Connor would be at the gathering, Claire and the rest of their family attended the All Saints' Uprising. Connor later arrived aboard an aircraft, and the family immediately made their way to Connor. Claire and Kirk, upon being recognized by the spectators as the people who had signed Connor's unwind order in the first place, assaulted the couple. Connor saved them and, to protect them further, publicly hugged them as a sign of his forgiveness, though he made them aware that he has not yet fully forgiven them. Nonetheless, she was overjoyed to see him and looked to him for strength in that moment.


  • Claire is among the characters Neal Shusterman named after a fan through a post on his Facebook page.[1][2] The name was borrowed from Claire McLagan.[3]


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