Bryce Barlow was a teenager who was unwound on the Lady Lucrezia, a plane owned by entrepreneur Divan Umarov that serves as a black market harvest camp. His parts were put in boxes labeled as lot 4831 but were later switched with Connor Lassiter's lot 4832 boxes by Argent Skinner as part of the plan to save Connor. The admiral purchased all of the boxes labeled as Bryce's parts but in fact contained Connor's. Connor was later rewound. During Una's wedding, Risa Ward revealed to Lev that she got a tattoo of Bryce Barlow's name on her right wrist to commemorate him.


In the short story UnTithed, Bryce was revealed to have been AWOL in the area Miracolina Roselli lived in.  She recognized him as AWOL when he came to the homeless shelter she was working at, and helped lead him to a safe house.  He ultimately chose to refuse the help, deciding he would make it on his own as he already had for over a year.

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