• 23.jacqueline.qin

    Anyone here?

    December 27, 2019 by 23.jacqueline.qin

    Bruh, the last blog post seems to be almost two year ago. I think its been 3 years since the announcement of the Unwind movie or TV series. I've been hoping to join the fandom after reading the Unwind Distology and BOI is it good but this fandom is pretty much dead, isn't it? I guess I'm just gonna go cry in a corner now... :,) 

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  • Honeytailia

    Hey all you whollies! I'm new to the fandom wiki, but I have great news if you're actually reading this!

    I'd like to inform everyone that I partnered with another animator, and we both have created an Unwind discord server we call The Graveyard. Our goal is to get the Unwind community together, to draw, talk, and share anything about Unwind stuff considering the fandom is so small. 

    We've already produced a couple of animations, and a whole ton of art. Currently we're at 21 people. I'm sure we can raise the numbers!!

    > here's the link! remember to check out the rules!! ;

    if there are any problems with the link, lemme know! I hope to see some more people join :^)

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  • Ecpg

    Where everything,when the book that sold 1 million copies started it's saga,unwind after reading the whole saga excluding the extra book like Unbound and the Lev Book i couldn't help to really like the characters in this book in the fact this is the only book when i can openly say i like all the characters as the way they are,and a warning if you haven't read the book as there will be spoilers

    While Sonia doesn't later appear on the next book and Hayden doesn't even have a chapter,since they both have a role to later in the story,and Hayden becomes more recurrent i will rank them.




    The Clapper Team(Cleaver.Mai and the Others) X

    The Admiral X

    Roland X


    Sonia X


    9th Place/Worst Character Sonia:

    No i don't hate her,and later she …

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  • Soccergirl123


    May 16, 2016 by Soccergirl123

    Help!!! what do you think are the 10 major points in unwind?? 

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  • UnwindUnwholly

    I found this artical while I was looking for more Unwind news, It's about the character twitters and how they've come about, As well as what Neal thinks and who the actual people behind the characters are. Neal mentions in it how much like his characters these people sounded and how freaky but cool it was for him to follow them and interact with them as well as how they've basically become his street team.

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  • Rwtia64


    December 20, 2012 by Rwtia64

    Unwind is being adapted into a feature film!

    Neal Shusterman announced it to the fans on his Facebook page.

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  • Rwtia64


    December 4, 2012 by Rwtia64

    The following was posted by the anonymous contributor,, on the Proactive Citizenry page. Although he was correct that I had to edit it out, I found it quite amusing, so I'm sharing it with everyone:

    "Welcome web surfer, almost all traces of me on the internet are gone, and I suspect that this may soon be deleted. (or edited beyond recognition) Connor found me on YouTube by searching misspellings of my name, Jan_son Rheins_child. I had presented the world with an amazing new prospect -- being able to replace human parts that no longer perform their jobs with someone else's. As Connor has found on the web, the Unwind Accord , or The Bill of Life, was signed by both the pro-life and pro-choice sides because they were so afraid o…
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