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Biographical Information
Age: Unknown; under 17
Status: Deceased
Cause of Death: Exploded
Gender: Male
Hair color: None (bald)
Unwind Standing:
Character Information
Appears in:


Blaine was a clapper. He didn't care for much, except for the people that were in the clapper group at the Graveyard. When he was caught and sent to Happy Jack Harvest Camp to get unwound, he became a clapper with Mai and Lev. Blaine was shot in the thigh by a Juvie, causing him to explode.


Blaine hopes to become like his brother, whom he sees as hardcore. For this reason, Blaine chose not to use the detonators to explode. Blaine also gives off a sense of aggressiveness.

Physical Description

Blaine had a shaved head and was covered in tattoos.