Bambi Ann Covalt, known as Bam, is a stork and is Starkey's second-in-command in the Stork Club. She dislikes being called Bambi, and whoever calls her that often ends up hurt.


The Graveyard

At the Graveyard, Bam was in charge of food services at the Graveyard. However, when they ended up serving tainted meat loaf that made the other kids sick during Bam's tenure because of a broken refrigerator generator, Connor took her off food services and became bitter about it. She was replaced by Starkey, whom she later becomes friends with.

The Stork Brigade

Bam was among the first members of the Stork Club, and was almost immediately given rank by Starkey as his second-in-command.

After their escape from the Graveyard, when their plane crashed at the Salton Sea, Bam remained loyal to Starkey, though she struggled. Bam served to prime the mass of storks with them, rallying them and keeping them focused on the positive. Bam tried to convince herself that she still agreed with Starkey's intentions—a "rattling of the status quo" for storks who were previously always left out. In truth, Bam had developed feelings for him, and she felt she owed Starkey allegiance for putting his faith in her when no one else would.

Because of Hayden, however, Bam began to question Starkey's actions and methods more and more, and she eventually admitted that Starkey has done to her what he does to everyone: mesmerize them. Discovering that Starkey had impregnated three storks to make them unwind-proof was the turning point for her, and she began scheming with Hayden. When the storks received sponsorship from a mysterious group, she speculated that the people funding Starkey's campaign may, like Proactive Citizenry, have done so to inconspicuously increase the amount of unwinding across the nation.


  • Covalt is another character Neal Shusterman named after a fan through his Facebook page when looking for a surname for her.[1][2]


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