Argent Skinner
Biographical Information
Age: 20s
Status: Alive


Gender: Male
Hair color: Black

Heartsdale, Kansas


Grace Skinner (sister)

Character Information
Appears in:

UnBound: Unknown Quantity

Argent Skinner is a parts pirate in the making. Once a devoted fan of Connor Lassiter, "the Akron AWOL," Argent has since joined J.T. Nelson in his escapades through the States in search of Connor.



Their parents died when he and Grace were young, and their father always threatened to unwind him, and he would have if he didn't need him to take care of Grace, who was low-cortical and could not be unwound. Their father eventually left them.


Argent worked as a cashier at a Publix supermarket in Heartsdale, Kansas. One day, Connor came in, and Argent immediately recognized him. Argent then abducted Connor and tied him up in his basement, wanting to become friends with him. However, Connor grew very distrustful of him and instead took a liking to his sister, Grace, whom Argent was very rude to. Argent then took a photo with Connor and posted it up on his Facelink account, leading the authorities to them. After releasing him, Connor knocked him out and tied him up. Grace then told the authorities that the photo was edited as a gag for his friends, and that Argent stole food from the supermarket. Grace told them that she tied him to a chair to prevent him from running. Argent, not wanting to get in trouble, later confirmed this.


  • Although Neal had thought of naming him Arliss, he decided to go with a fan's name, so he took to Facebook and asked his fans for names. He was described as a "borderline psycho, drugged-out dude working as a supermarket cashier in a small midwestern town," and was named after Argent Snyder and Jennifer Skinner.[1][2]


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