Andrew "Andy" Jameson was a kid Connor knew from school.


In Unwind, he ran away and kicked-AWOL at around the same time Connor did. They both end up, separately, at a rest stop by the interstate where truckers pull off the road for the night. Both think they can slip into the back of a truck. Then, at about a quarter to four, a couple of police cruisers search the premises. When Connor finds safety in Josias Aldridge's eighteen-wheeler, a commotion has begun outside. He hears Juvey-cops demanding for someone in hiding to come out and, thinking they have come for him, Connor opens the truck door and soon realizes that the cops are there for his friend, Andy, who had hidden in the cab of a truck. Andy sees him and, holding Connor's gaze, Andy's face is suddenly replaced by a steely resolve bordering on triumph. He quickly looks away from Connor and takes a few steps before the police grab him—steps away from Connor, so that the police still have their backs to him. If Andy has nothing else after this day, at least he'll have this small victory.


  • Although never specified in the book, Andy may in fact be the Andrew Neal Shusterman was talking about on a post on his Facebook page where Neal couldn't make Starkey's middle name Andrew because, apparently, Connor had a friend named Andrew who was Unwound in the first book and he didn't want to imply a connection.
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