Amanda was a girl Mason Starkey knew, barely, from his last school.

During one of Amanda's night shifts as a cashier at an In-N-Out Burger drive-through, a police car with two Juvey-cops drove in, with Mason in the backseat. Mason asked Amanda to prom and brashly rejected him, calling him a "sophomore" and "a loser in the back of a police car".

When she finally realized that Mason was off to be unwound, with some help from the Juvy-cop with him, Amanda sheepishly apologized. Mason became spiteful of her pity and told her off. He later asked her to tell everyone he went down fighting like the Akron AWOL Amanda agreed, but Mason doubted that she would even remember in the morning.


  • Amanda is among the characters Neal Shusterman named after a fan through a post on his Facebook page. She was named after Amanda Nicole Howard.[1][2]