Biographical Information
Status: Alive
Gender: Female



Chase (son)

Significant Other/s:

Chaz (ex-boyfriend)

Character Information
Appears in:


Alexis is a young teenage mother Risa, Connor, and Lev encounter while on the run in Ohio.



At one point, Alexis became pregnant. She gave birth to the child and named him Chase, slightly after the father of the child, Chaz. Chaz, however, was sent to military school by his parents, who became angry about Alexis' pregnancy.

Alexis continued to attend school, particularly at Center-North High.


While on the bus on the way to school with Chase one day, Alexis sees Risa and a child, Didi, in her arms. She is ecstatic to meet a fellow young mother and introduces herself. Risa and Connor immediately note that she is talkative, but decide to go along with it to establish a cover. Alexis also notices Lev, whom Risa introduces as her younger brother. Alexis tells them that she thinks he's cute, even for a much younger boy, until Risa warns her off by saying he's even younger than he looks. Alexis continues talking into them until she tends to Chase, who began crying.

Later, when the Juvey-cops arrive at the school in search of the runaway kids, Alexis is apprehended because she fits Risa's profile: a dark-haired girl with a baby, as Risa has surrendered the child to someone else. She later points Risa and Connor out to the cops.

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